IQ SmartSite v0.1

The first milestone – version 0.1 – is complete. It’s nothing spectacular so far, but it does work. This version has: Shortcode support [iq-smartsite]. Default variables set within code, but overridable on a per implementation basis. At the moment, that’s... read more

IQ SmartSite Plugin – Let It Begin…

We’ve begun writing a plugin to provide a simpler connection between a printer’s WordPress based site and their printIQ MIS system, specifically to access their product prices through the IQconnect SmartSite module.

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New Support System

After much tinkering and evaluation, we’ve launched our new support system. It’s up and running and is available at or If you have any support queries, from outages to email to design work, head there,... read more

Website and Email Server Upgrade

Tonight at 10pm we will be undertaking an upgrade of our web and email server. Faster processors, faster solid state drives – most importantly, faster websites. This may necessitate a change to your email settings. The important bit You may need need to change your... read more

Köttbullar, meet Volkswagen.

So, after mentioning on Facebook that I was headed off to Ikea in a one tonne van, someone – who shall remain nameless (Brooke!!!!) – casually commented that that’s a lot of meatballs. And it is. A whole heap of meatballs. A literal metric tonne of meatballs.... read more